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Clinker, hot off the kiln
A rare photo of me in 2019 Unknown Photographer

I am a writer, researcher and investor living in [redacted] with my wife and son. I recently began working with and am also working on projects and businesses in publishing, digital archiving, Bitcoin, and personal defense.

In past lives, I was guest lecturer on education, careers, and economics, the Director of Marketing at Praxis—the apprenticeship program for people who couldn’t care less about college degrees—and before that, I worked on marketing strategy for companies and organisations around the country after I dropped out of the University of Michigan during my second year.

I spend much of my free time tracking down rare or out of print books in unique bindings or first editions.

Colophon is static HTML hosted by GitHub Pages and published using Jekyll. The texts on the site are Palatino and Lucida Grande, nothing special but they do the job. As Ogilvy said, the drama is in what you say, not the typeface.

The current theme is adapted from The Roots of Progress blog by Jason Crawford.