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This is my site. It's simple (and fast) because I'm coding it myself. It's a work in progress and much of the current content is incomplete.

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I write, research, market and build businesses in college alternatives, careers, Bitcoin, and freedom.

Now, I'm on an extended break to work on some private projects.

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Currently I'm publicly blogging my book, 'Degreeless' and plan to finish early in the fall.

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Degreeless (2019)

Autobiographical lessons on building a career without college. I'm blogging this book publicly from start to finish.

The Quotable Timothy C. May (2019)

This book gathers for the first time the enigmatic cypherpunk, cryptoanarchist, and all-around provocateur Timothy C. May's most profound, inflammatory, and clear-cut commentary from his thousands of posts in the Cypherpunk Mailing List.

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The Operation Atlantis Archive (Werner Stiefel & others)

Werner Stiefel fled the Nazis, built a billion dollar business, and tried to start a real world "Galt's Gulch" in the carribean. In 2019, I found his lost book, photos and newspapers and digitized them.

Deryk Jekyll Theme

A completely free copy of my Jekyll site that you can use to start your own blog.

Ludwig von Mises Bot

A Twitter bot sharing daily quotes from the 20th century's most important economist, Ludwig von Mises.


Commonplace Book

My digital commonplace book—an online scrapbook of anything that catches my eye or my mind. From the long tradition of commonplacebooking.

Wikipedia Resume

An archive of Wikipedia articles to which I've contributed.


What I'm doing now, and an archive of past 'nows.'

Mistakes Made

Public mistakes I've realized I've made and self-criticism.

Blackmail Attempts

An ongoing documentation of online attempts at blackmail.

Organizations and Causes

A shortlist of organizations I think are doing good work and which I support, and a 'cause' or two.

Work with Me

Get Career and College Advice

I've help students and young professionals around the world take alternative paths from college and land great jobs, degree or no degree.

Nakamoto Studies Institute

NSI conducts research and archival work on the history of Bitcoin and its original vision.


How to build a career without college

My TOS-Con 2018 talk.

Criticize by Creating

My talk in Rhodes, Greece for the Startup Societies Foundation.

News and Updates

Still mostly on a break, but I'm working on some fun things.

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