Deryk Makgill


I’m a writer, researcher, and marketer. I’ve worked for or with companies like Praxis, Voice & Exit, The Foundation for Economic Education, The Objective Standard, and Colliers International.

I’ve also guest lectured on economics, education and entrepreneurship at universities around the world—places like the University of Michigan, the University of Reykjavik, and the Fakultet političkih nauka u Sarajevu.

Writing and research interests include: Bitcoin, education and career without college, private city states, Objectivism, marketing, Austrian economics, and a whole ton of other things I’ll develop on this site.

I’m trying to think of my life on a month-to-month basis now. Each month I work on a given project that interests me that may be totally unrelated to the previous month. I share those projects on this site.

I asked readers and people I’ve worked with for feedback. Here’s what they said…

"Deryk Makgill’s unpredictable, wild, incisive, creative spark is priceless. He is the master experimenter with an insatiable appetite for methods and models of marketing and he never waits for permission to begin building them.” -- Isaac Morehouse

“I’m a big fan of Deryk!” -- Roger Ver

“Deryk Makgill has built himself from the ground up, choosing to work & build and bypass the normal schooling choice most people take. Be like Derek..." -- Bitcoin SV Houston

“Derek is a legend – love his stuff.” -- Corbin Fraser

"Derek Magill is a hero.” -- Sken

The opinions expressed on this website are my own. They do not represent those of my employer.