(formerly has been my online home for many years.

Design and Features

I designed this site from a partial fork of It’s minimal and I wanted it be me mostly clean, fast HTML with limited styling, like the old web. David Ogilvy wrote that the drama belongs in what you say, not the typeface, and I try to have that thought inform everything I create here.

Incidentally, the fonts are Georgia and Tahoma, both of which are standard browser and system fonts. I used those for speed and readability, which I prioritize over appearance.

I owe most of the features on this site to other people from around the web…

If you like the site, you can copy the Deryk Theme it on GitHub.


Here are some quick technical facts about this site.

If you find an error on the site, feel free to submit a request to my GitHub repository or contact me.

Reluctant License

I reluctantly release content on this site under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. I say reluctantly because I think all property is in a sense, intellectual, and that the mind, not the body, plays the most important role in the production of value.

But as of yet, I’ve seen no convincing argument for most forms of intellectual property, and I often look at IP trolls and think they would be better served allowing “theft” to function as marketing for them.

If you’d like to copy my writing, please try to drop a tip or subscribe on Patreon.

Site Archives

Some archives and partial archives of this site can be viewed on the WayBack Machine and

Affiliates and Advertising

I use Amazon affiliate links on books I recommend on this site. I’m also open to static HTML advertisements at the bottom of posts for products I support and that don’t interfere at all with the onsite reading experience.

If you’d like to advertise, please check my rates and standards.